At S.Vance & Co our lettings agents let and manage hundreds of properties every year throughout the North West. Whether you have just one property to rent or 50; we can manage your portfolio however many properties you have. We let single rooms to travelling professionals up to five bedroomed detached houses to large families. Whatever you have we can manage it.

We have strong relationships with our landlords so we can fully understand exactly what they need from us to successfully manage their properties so each service is tailor made for every individual landlord.

With a management portfolio of over 500 properties why not contact us today to see how S.Vance & Co can help take the stress away from managing you property letting portfolio.

Meet The Team

We are a member of the property Ombudsman scheme and this gives the security that you are in safe hands.
Sid Vance - Managing Director
Sid has been in property for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. Sid's expert knowledge has been featured on property shows on BBC1 & C4 and he often seen driving around the city personally assisting customers with their property needs.

Linzi Dolan - Property Manager
Linzi has been with the company since its inception. Linzi comes from a very strong sales background and aims to achieve the most for our clients by doing all she can to make sure they get exactly what they need when they need it.

Margaret Nolan - Accompanied Viewer
Margaret has been in the property industry for 15 years and knows everything you need to know about Liverpool and the residential areas.
Terrence Brennan - Managing Director
Terrence made the leap into the property business in 2015 after stepping down from his role as a director of a Multimillion Pound Company. He has a wealth of knowledge from his many years in sales and his expert understanding of running a business has helped S.Vance become Liverpool's No.1 Independent estate agents.

Lindsey Parkinson - Assistant Property Manager
Lindsey has been in the property industry for over 13 years and has a wealth of knowledge of lettings. There is nothing Lindsey doesn't know about lettings and her knowledge of the area is unrivalled.

Niamh Blundell - Senior Lettings Negotiator